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Gardens of Versatility

We are WINEGROWERS through and through. We live and work in harmony with nature.

All our vineyards are dotted around Gols, in a large number of locations with very different types of soil.

Goldberg and Gabarinza lie on the slopes of the Parndorf Plate with cool and well-drained gravelly soil and magnesium-rich  sand/clay soils. Langer Acker and Edelgrund are on the Heideboden, the extended, flat area of land by the lake.
The soils on the edge of the Neusiedlersee National Park are well-drained, warm gravel-black earth soils.

We select the most suitable grape varieties for the different soils and let them grow and mature. All year round we pay attention to the natural growing processes in the vineyard, work with great care and only intervene where necessary in order to harvest healthy, ripe grapes.

This allows us to avoid massive intervention and support the natural processes in the annual rhythm.